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Netherlands child-face ghost picture taken. Rumors are there was a child that died 24 years ago. Maybe this picture proves it?

A woman was stunned to capture what she belie…

A woman was stunned to capture what she believes is a ghost at a famous abbey on camera – and it could be the spirit of a monk killed by Henry VIII.

The ghostly images were caught on camera by Lara Tetlow who was enjoying the Glastonbury Abbey Musical Extravaganza on August 6, 2016.

In 1539 the abbot and two other monks were hung, drawn and quartered. The quarters of the bodies were publicly displayed in Glastonbury and other Somerset towns. Glastonbury Abbey was sacked then it was ‘cannibalised’ by people who took stone. (Via The Mirror)

spaceshipsover: Shape shifting saucer.


Shape shifting saucer.



Several photos of what appear to be supernatural beings taken with his camera at this vacant Sanatorium. We’ll attach a link to those photos in the next few days. This one however, was captured on film by a guy named Jeff’s brother when touring the building with an environmental protection agency in the summer of 2011. It’s not that often that someone captures a ghost this clear on film. And by the way, ghosts have a different way of looking out a window, they simply poke their head right through the glass! [x]



The Dyatlov Pass incident is the most unsolved Russian crime of 1959 that was left unsolved, when nine hikers went hiking and were found dead atop the mountain Kholat Syakh meaning Mountain of the Dead. They were found with crushed skulls, missing tongues, missing clothes, and their tents ripped apart. Many conspiracies have been led to believe that the incident was Alien related since radioactivity was found then, but that’s one persons theory. But most scientist think they died of hypothermia and no supernatural activity. Still is strange way to die…

paranormaldaily: Indiana, 2008


Indiana, 2008

malformalady: Statue of the Virgin Mary suppos…


Statue of the Virgin Mary supposedly weeping blood

Earlier this month, NY Times did 2 article pie…

Earlier this month, NY Times did 2 article pieces on UFOs. The Pentagon having a mysterious U.F.O. program and how 2 Navy Airmen caught video footage (seen above) of a UFO object. You can read the articles here: [Airmen / Pentagon

The video seen above was taken in November 2004, when Cmdr. David Fravor and Lt. Cmdr. Jim Slaight were on a routine training mission 100 miles out into the Pacific Ocean. The object was “Nothing like they had ever seen.” (Via YouTube)






Stoppp what the fuck is that

sixpenceee: The Nightmare Nap Spot “This is a…


The Nightmare Nap Spot

“This is a photo of my uncle that my mom took one night in a
cemetery by a bar they were at. He is lying on a Revolutionary War-era