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radiuszero: This reminds me of another burning…


This reminds me of another burning that happened at another religious-institution

Everything burned down BUT the Virgin Mary statue.

For those curious, this is the Our Lady of the Lake University. I actually attended this college for many years. It’s also not far from my house so I heard the sirens wail all night long when this fire happened. The University has since rebuilt itself. 

And yes, the Virgin Mary still stands tall. OuO

paranormaldaily: Google Maps helps many people do various…


Google Maps helps many people do various things, but tracking UFOs might be a new one.

Andrea Dove contacted ABC News affiliate KLTV in East Texas with an interesting tip. Dove was using Google Maps to get directions to visit her aunt in Jacksonville, Texas, when she spotted a UFOwhile using the Street View option.

Don’t believe it? Try it yourself by simply searching Jacksonville, Texas, and panning upward toward the sky in Street View to spot the reddish UFO near the clouds – although no one in Jacksonville has ever reported seeing one.

If you’re still looking for more evidence, try the same trick by searching for the Sky City Casino Hotel on 32 Indian Service Route 30, Acoma Pueblo, N.M. The same object appears in the sky hovering over the street.

Some think it could be a lens flare, or the reflection of a nearby object like the one Jamey Boyum ofKLTV stumbled upon in his report above.

Ghostly Presence Caught Inside Baker Hotel?

Ghostly Presence Caught Inside Baker Hotel?

While conducting a paranormal investigation of Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas, a woman named Michelle DePaul of “Mystic Ghost Paranormal Research”, believes she and her team may have captured evidence of a ghost presence lurking in the shadows. The video, which was captured back in 2003, shows a faint figure appearing out from behind a pillar in the lobby and quickly dashing behind the one across.

The video does look quite convincing, despite the figure being difficult to make out. It doesn’t look like a shadow, or a CGI effect. If anything, it could’ve been some kind of glitch, but that doesn’t appear to be the case either. What do you think? Does this footage show a real spirit? Or is there a conventional explanation for this strange anomaly?


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