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Recently, an 8-year-old Chinese boy walked approximately 3 miles…

Recently, an 8-year-old Chinese boy walked approximately 3 miles (4,8
km) to his Zhuanshanbao Primary School in the township of Xinjie in
Yunnan Province, China. In 16°F (-9°C) cold. To take an exam. After his
trek went viral, people started contacting the school, trying to
contribute in any way they could to improve learning conditions for him
and other students.

Fu Heng, the headmaster of the primary school,
could not believe his eyes. Upon arrival, his student had icicles
instead of his hair and eyebrows, contrasting with his burning red
cheeks. Heng snapped a picture of the little fellow, marking the
beginning of this crazy story. The internet has dubbed him as “Ice Boy,”
and soon the school has received more than $15,000 in donations, 20
heating equipment and 144 warm set of clothes.

“It was the first
day of their final exams,” Heng said. “The temperatures dropped to minus
nine degrees Celsius in about 30 minutes that morning.” The headmaster
claimed the boy lives far away from the school. Heng also noted that he
is considered as the “class clown”, constantly finding ways to make his
16 classmates die of laughter. It’s crazy to think the boy maintains a
positive attitude, despite living in extreme poverty and spending most
of the time with his sister and grandma only.

According to Fu, the
school tries to watch over him and others as much as it can, providing
them with breakfast but admitted that their classrooms weren’t properly
heated due to a lack of funding. Moved by the boy’s will, people on the
internet hope he can build himself a better life if he continues to put
his education first. (Source)


Mysterious Devil’s Footprints Around World – Unexplained Mysteries

Mysterious Devil’s Footprints Around World – Unexplained Mysteries:

DB Cooper finally been identified by Investigators? – Unexplained Mysteries

DB Cooper finally been identified by Investigators? – Unexplained Mysteries

What The Cards Hold For 2018

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, as we start off 2018 with this post. In the continuous pursuit of knowledge about the paranormal, I decided on the addition of a section for Abnormal Realm covering the mysticism within this world. This will contain information involving tarot cards, crystals, alchemist, divination, automatic writing and other supernatural practices. There are plans…

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Twinkling Lights

“I keep seeing these twinkling lights in the woods at night. They blink on and then twinkle past the window drifting like a feather. I thought that they were fireflies at first except they are a light blue/teal color and always drift around in the same exact spots. I know they can’t be fireflies because I have seen them with fireflies and the color (as mentioned) is definitely off. They look kind of like Christmas tree lights or little twinkling stars. But as mentioned above, my best comparison is to the fireflies. I also know it can’t be fireflies because I only started seeing them during the summer in 2015. r. Up until then I hadn’t seen them and I know that fireflies hung around way before that summer.

As I stated above, I first seeing them in the summer of 2015. I mention summer specifically because this is a thing that happens by my grandmother’s house only. I always used to spend the summers there. At first I saw them every other night. The were only off in the distance at that. Summer of 2016 rolls around I start seeing them inside of the house too; mostly dancing around the pictures on the walls or near the mirror and the light fixture. These are their three favorite spots. 

This continued thorough 2017 and I now have even more proof that it can’t be fireflies because it happened in the fall months too.

The thing about these things is that they aren’t evil or frightening. I mean it’s been three years and they haven’t done anything. That said, they aren’t good per say either. They just kind of are.

I just have no clue what they could be.”

By: @bellatrixobsessed1

Aokigahara Suicide Forest -Creepy Places – Unexplained Mysteries

Aokigahara Suicide Forest -Creepy Places – Unexplained Mysteries:


“[I was] making toast late one night facing the kitchen bench eating for a good 5-10 minutes. Cleaned up and turned around and every single cupboard door and cutlery drawer were open. They were all closed when I went into the kitchen, and there was no way anyone could have snuck in and done it because I was home alone. I also didn’t hear them open in the time I was there. Scared the shit out of me so I froze, let it register for a few seconds, then calmly closed everything and went back to my room to hide until daylight. One of a few weird things to happen growing up.”

By: FalariRum (What is the most unexplained,
supernatural, or paranormal event you’ve ever witnessed?


“So, I was just reminded of this incident that happened when I was about 13 and thought I’d share. Me, my mom and her friend were looking up all of the haunted places in my town and we came across a cemetery that’s open to the public 24 hrs. It was about 3 am (we wanted to be extra spooky) so we drove down there and parked my mom’s car inside the cemetery. 

My mom’s friend decided to record to see if we could pick up any spirit voices and what not, she was recording for maybe 20 minutes. All she was able to pick up some faint breathing and my mom thought she heard someone crying but nothing crazy. 

So we went back in the car and just sat and talked quietly for a couple of minutes until we felt the car jolt forward like we were rear ended. We all got out of the car, there was not one person in sight. We looked around for a little bit and then my friend just pointed at my mom’s trunk and there were 3-4 pairs of muddy hand prints on her trunk. We all looked at each other in literal shock because there was literally no one around, so we all rushed into the car and got out of there. 

When we got home, we noticed that one pair of prints was huge, like an insanely large man and one pair was small like a kids hand prints. I remember this like it was yesterday because I was so terrified.”

By: @phantomgirl420


“I used to live in Florida in an area that pretty much had a bar and a gas station within walking distance. I had moved in with a coworker of my boyfriend’s and his family.

From the minute we moved in they claimed everything from the trailer behind theirs was haunted, to, there was a Bigfoot in the woods around their trailer. Now, I’m somewhat of a skeptic, I tend to not believe things as anything more then a story unless I personally have an experience or have proof of an actual haunting or creepy stuff happening.

Well I got my proof when I lived there. It started small; the feeling of being watched while in the bathroom or in the back rooms when I was home alone, the feeling that someone/something was in my room watching me sleep. It got so bad that when we put tinfoil in the window to block out the summer heat (most trailers don’t have central air so living in them is like living in an oven when temperatures reach over 100 degrees) I made sure there weren’t any holes because I always felt like I was going to look towards the window and see someone staring at me from outside.

It escalated shortly after that, first my roommate claimed something threw her cat off the roof, I wouldn’t have believed her if I didn’t hear the sounds of a distressed cat myself. Every time I walked outside day or night I felt like I was being watched.

Throughout these experiences I was able to rationalize most of them ‘it’s just me being paranoid,’ or ‘it’s just because the cat got in a fight with another animal,’ etc.

However there’s one thing I’ve never been able to explain away, one night I had gotten up to use the bathroom. The people I lived with were nocturnal so the hallway and bathroom lights were usually left on most of the night, after finishing up in the bathroom I walked out into the hallway and was near the backdoor when I heard three loud, and I mean, loud, knocks coming from outside the door.

Now it was about 2-3 in the morning, too late for visitors or anyone really to be coming over and everyone in the house was home. I went to open it and just as I reached for the door handle I got a horrible sense of foreboding and dread. Instead I walked to the living room where one of my room mates was and asked him if he heard the knocking.

He stated he didn’t but decided to go check outside the house anyway, he walked the entire perimeter and couldn’t find any evidence of anyone having been outside, no recent tire tracks or foot prints in the yard, nothing.

I decided to move out shortly after that experience, and still haven’t found anything to explain away the knocking.”

By: @borderlinespencerreid