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The Fisherman and the Merman

Of mermen and merwomen many strange stories are told in the Shetland Isles.  Beneath the depths of the ocean, according to these stories, an atmosphere exists adapted to the respiratory organs of certain beings, resembling, in form, the human race, possessed of surpassing beauty, of limited supernatural powers, and liable to the incident of death.  They dwell in a wide territory of the globe, far below the region of fishes, over which the sea, like the cloudy canopy of our sky, loftily rolls, and they possess habitations constructed of the pearl and coral productions of the ocean.  Having lungs not adapted to a watery medium, but to the nature of atmospheric air, it would be impossible for them to pass through the volume of waters that intervenes between the submarine and supramarine world, if it were not for the extraordinary power they inherit of entering the skin of some animal capable of existing in the sea, which they are enabled to occupy by a sort of demoniacal possession.  One shape they put on, is that of an animal human above the waist, yet terminating below in the tail and fins of a fish, but the most favourite form is that of the larger seal or Haaf-fish; for, in possessing an amphibious nature, they are enabled not only to exist in the ocean, but to land on some rock, where they frequently lighten themselves of their sea-dress, resume their proper shape, and with much curiosity examine the nature of the upper world belonging to the human race.  Unfortunately, however, each merman or merwoman possesses but one skin, enabling the individual to ascend the seas, and if, on visiting the abode of man, the garb be lost, the hapless being must unavoidably become an inhabitant of the earth.

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The next in my pagan costume series comes from Spain and it takes part in the masquerade during the first Sunday of the year. The performance is supposed to ensure protection of cattle and men and ward of evil spirits.Their costumes can be made out of ivy, fern, moss or nut shells.

I also noticed similar costumes in Switzerland, worn by characters called Sauvages.



1. Bessie 


One of Lake Erie’s most famous cryptids is Bessie, also known as South Bay Bessie. The first reported appearance of Bessie happened in 1793, and more frequent sightings have happened in the last three decades. Bessie is snake-ish and 30-40 ft long, at least a foot in diameter, with gray skin. Her appearance follows the patterns of a typical lake monster. While duck-hunting near Sandusky, Ohio in 1793, the captain of the ship Felicity observed a large snake necked creature described as “more than a rod (16 ½ ft.) in length”. On July 1817, the crew of a sailboat saw a 30 to 40-foot long serpent-like creature, with dark coloring. Bessie was spotted again near Toledo, when French settlers found a extremely large monster on the beach that appeared to be approaching death. The settlers reported it as around 25 feet in length and similar to a large sturgeon, despite the fact that it had arms. The terrified men ran away, and upon returning, the monster was gone, and assumed to be carried off by the tide. All that it left behind were marks in the sand and silver scales about 1 inch in diameter. Bessie’s most recent sighting was in 1997, when a video and shaky pictures were taken. A reward of $100,000 has been offered by Huron Lagoons Marina for the capture of Bessie, dead or alive.

2. Igopogo


I​​gopogo is a famed cryptid said to live in Lake Simcoe, Ontario, Canada. It is also referred to as “Kempenfelt Kelly” after a nearby bay. The head of the Igopogo has a bone structure similar to a dog’s, which is uncommon in cryptozoological creatures. According to witnesses, the creature has been spotted resting in the sun for long extensive periods of time; which is evidence for its ability to breathe oxygen.

3. Lake Erie Chomper 


We have reports of people retreating from out of the depths of Lake Erie in excruciating pain because an unusual animal had bit chunks off of their legs. It all began in 2001, near Port Dover, Ontario, when Brenda McCormack was swimming in the lake. Not long after her swim began, she felt sharp teeth taking a bite out of her calf. She quickly swam ashore, bleeding heavily from the wound. There was a 6-inch wide pattern of circular bite marks, from a jaw shape similar to the jaw of the Cookie Cutter shark. The next day, a man and his young son were bitten by the same terrifying lake creature. The boy was rushed to the hospital and was in critical condition. Ever since then, the Lake Erie Chomper has left the people of Port Dover in peace.    

4. Leelanau Lake Monster


This next cryptid is one of my favorites! It resides in Lake Leelanau, in Michigan. The Leelanau lake monster has a long neck resembling a tree stump, a long tail and two huge eyes. It’s not your average plesiosaur-esque lake monster. The most detailed account was reported in 1910. While fishing in the lake, teenager William Gauthier decided to dock his boat on a stump. Once his rope grazed the stump, two huge eyes suddenly opened. A few seconds later, the creature dove beneath William’s boat. FOR INFO, READ THIS ARTICLE HERE.


Apparition of a ghostly mist caught on street CCTV. (Via: YouTube / OP)


Joshua Higgins and Heather Brough, said they believe their Highland, Michigan, home is haunted after they saw footage of what they believed to be a ghostly figure wandering around their daughter, Lily Higgins’ crib. In the video, Lily suddenly stands up and looks around as the figure appears to walk across one side of the room. (Via: People / YouTube)


A ghostly apparition appears on video for a man searching for a ghost girl out in the woods of their house. This person had filmed her before in previous videos on their channel. This was the first time they actually caught her. (Via: YouTube)


Bellringer („Dondolaš“) from Grobnik – Kvarner, Croatia

Bellringers tradition of Kvarner is old Slavic folklore relic that dates back to pagan antiquity. Even today, men covered in sheepskin with bells around their waists and animal masks march through local villages scaring away evil spirits and welcoming the arrival of spring.